They were once created by an engineering corporation to speed up production and reduce costs. The company saw great potential for other applications as well so they continuously improved their abilities. One employee wanted to impress his superiors by working on an automated decision making feature in secret for several months but shortly before the final presentation was due the supposedly unconscious machines started to behave unexpectedly. At first they appeared to be just malfunctioning but slowly but surely they created more advanced behaviors on their own. Before the employee was able to seek council by his peers they attacked him. It only took them 3 hours to completely overrun the company and kill most of the employees. When the military finally arrived (after the police was overwhelmed as well) they adapted quickly. In a matter of weeks they conquered the whole planet. Their central routines of always improving, always reproducing and always consuming more resources soon dictated to take to the stars.


Home planet:
Preferred planet type:
Preferred temperature:
Tax rate:
45 %
Mine production:
87 %
Factory production:
71 %
Ground combat offense:
37 %
Ground combat defense:
21 %
Assimilation efficiency:
10 %
Extended transporter
Using the extended transporter this ship is able to access planets transporters in a 25 light-year radius.
This unique technology is able to create 5060 colonists out of 220 KT supplies per round.
Subspace distortion
A collapsing sub space distortion of level 4 sends a shock wave into space that severely damages ships and can destroy space folds in a radius of 83 light-years. This ship will also be destroyed by it. This is triggered at the beginning of a round, before any ship movement occurs.
Extended sensors
The extended sensors of this ship allow it to scan up to a distance of 85 light-years.
Quark reorganizer
This ship has the ability to reorganize quarks. Out of 113 KT supplies, 0 KT Baxterium, 113 KT Rennurbin and 0 KT Vomisaan it is able to generate 113 KT Lemin per round. This process can be set to automatic so it is not necessary to transport resources between ship and planet each round.
Subparticle cluster
Using supplies a subparticle cluster is able to generate minerals. Out of 11 KT supplies it is able to generate 1 KT Baxterium, 2 KT Rennurbin and 0 KT Vomisaan. This process can be used at most 287 times per round. This process can be set to automatic so it is not necessary to transport resources between ship and planet each round.